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An angel’s beauty is pure
and brightening, it’s everything
native to the Earth and Celestial
store, it’s the colors of music
and the warmth within, flirtatious
hot white and virgin blushes, it’s
all this and all that glitters too;
An angel’s eyes are blind for she
sees with her heart, she hears its
softest whispers and trusts with
instinctual need, she sees Beauty
even in the darkest absence of
light, whole and secure in her
Truth, she is at peace with herself;
An angel’s tears are translucent and
new and smell like the sweet summer
rain, they wash away the fingerprints
of pain from the injured soul, once
bruised purple it heals under the
gentle cascade of her tears, turmoil
cannot withstand her fragrant flood;
An angel’s voice is the melody of
solstice birds, sweet and light
it soothes with the Dawn’s hushes,
it follows where the Wind’s trespasses
cannot, mor
:iconnocturnejewel:NocturneJewel 4 6

Close your eyes, my sweet one, let my lullaby
be your guide into a land alive with candy colors
and gingerbread smells, there seaswept wishes
never pale for fairies will fill your cup with
sweets, so come with me to where the Stars never
sleep and the eve-blooming jasmine never weeps,
where Silence is knowledge and the Night is
the Keeper of the Flame, her wild lightning
will brighten your way, flowing clear, flowing
so lush her warmth hugs you, and as you lay
in your cloud-cushioned bed and close your eyes
this is all you will feel, and my love that
is as eternal as the Earth and the Stars.
In whatever climes the Lady wears, her love
is as enduring as mine, in Spring and Summer
her gown is a carpet of gathering green,
in Autumn it’s gold-burnt hazelnuts and in
Winter she wears a gown of bridal serene,
but no matter what she wears she is your
Mother like I, she is your cradle like I
who watches over your soft slumbers, w
:iconnocturnejewel:NocturneJewel 5 9
FLOWER GIRL LUNA by NocturneJewel FLOWER GIRL LUNA :iconnocturnejewel:NocturneJewel 29 23 LUNA'S FLOWER POWER! by NocturneJewel LUNA'S FLOWER POWER! :iconnocturnejewel:NocturneJewel 32 23 LUNA'S TASTE-TEST by NocturneJewel LUNA'S TASTE-TEST :iconnocturnejewel:NocturneJewel 33 13
Though I have been pricked by thorns, and have
bled out my purest flow, I will cover myself in
roses, crimson and cream, plush pink and sunset
hues too, I will breathe in their fragrant life
and feel myself heal, I will grow with them and
nourish the rose garden of me, the divinity of
my spirit will flourish as I tend to the rose
of my truest self, though she grows in secret
solitude she basks under the sunshine I bring
to her, the silken sheer of her petals shivers,
she cries for more so I feed her with my every
fragrant thought and fragrant breath, I water
her with the love I harvest inside, she grows
under my amorous attentions and with her the
gift of me is realized too, her bloom will never
vanish with the Sun's light for she grows under
the pure light of my soul, I will not let her
thorns tear into me and tarnish my dear essence,
I recognize the Beauty of her fragrant injury
and the gift of her softsilver budding, with
her in me the purity of my heart is immortalized.
February 6,
:iconnocturnejewel:NocturneJewel 7 17

My soul is ignited in tongues of amber fire
when I look upon you, my ancient friend,
you are the sprite who dances upon the
cusp where Autumn and I meet again,
steeping Yesterday’s nostalgia into cinnamon
maple tea, I savor your subtleties, sweetening
my soul with peace and the still smoldering
ashes of Serenity, igniting her wick and mine too,
my tears turn to tokens of briny blood when
I imagine you wild where we played,
the Sunlight whispered and the Shadows praised,
the Darkness lengthened but we created
our own Light to see by…
Though the leaves have long ago fell
in a plentiful cascade of bronze and copper coins
upon the Earth, your spirit still haunts among
the stark skeletal limbs of the ancient trees,
nimble arms stretching skyward in prayer,
I can feel your pulse beneath my bare feet,
it’s a rhythm of dark gold that moves through
the Earth, a reminder of your lost Grace,
your Wisdom saggi
:iconnocturnejewel:NocturneJewel 6 21
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GhostOwl NocturneJewel
I am a prolific pagan poet and have over 1000 poems. I love rainy days and thunderstorms at night. My favorite season is Autumn, it is so full of color and beauty, inner reflection and subtle wisdom. I love the night, it is then I get most inspired and write the majority of my poetry. I have a close relationship with nature, especially reptiles. I have quite a large reptile family at home which includes nineteen geckos, seven snakes, and twelve tarantulas. They are my family. I get such a pure feeling of fulfillment from being with my reptile family.

Besides reptiles, my favorite animals are bats and owls. I also have several tattoos and piercings. My very first tattoo were vampire bite marks on my neck. I love them.

The beautiful :iconladyofgaerdon: has written a review of me as a writer. I am so honored! So this is what she has to say about my writing style:
~NocturneJewel is an intensely prolific poet, and in reading just a sampling of her work, you quickly come to realize that to be a prolific poet with work of such vision and depth is a great achievement indeed. Her style may be unusual, but it is all hers, and she is nothing but proud. Each line blends seamlessly into the next, and the fluid rhythm and potent imagery weave together into a tapestry of literary enchantment.

Current Residence: The Dark Side of the Moon
Favourite genre of music: Celtic, New Age, Nature, Goth
Favourite style of art: Nocturnal
Shell of choice: Home
Skin of choice: Reptilian
Personal Quote: Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken.
Time for a special Spring feature. :D
Here is some of my special Easter photos...
BUNNY CRESCENT by NocturneJewel  BUNNY CRESCENT 2 by NocturneJewel  EASTER CRESCENT by NocturneJewel  EASTER CRESCENT 2 by NocturneJewel  EASTER IMPOSTER by NocturneJewel  EASTER CUDDLES by NocturneJewel  BUNNY MOCHA 2 by NocturneJewel  BUNNY MOCHA 3 by NocturneJewel  BUNNY MOCHA by NocturneJewel  EASTER GECKO GREETINGS! by NocturneJewel  EASTER ARIADNE by NocturneJewel  GINGER'S EGGS by NocturneJewel

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Smother Me
Comfort me always
With your heart and soul
Embrace me tightly
And never let me go
Surround me with your presence
So I'll never be alone
Blanket me with your emotions
So I'll never get cold
Envelope me with tender care
In my times of sickness
Shelter me with concern
And keep me safe
Enclose me with your gentleness
When I am filled with sorrow
Lavish me with kindness
So I know you understand
Intoxicate me with your words
So I know your heart
Entangle me with actions
So I know your loving ways
Reinforce me with your strength
When I'm feeling weak and weary
Cover me with your sweetness
So that I never turn bitter
Drown me with kisses
From your lips of affection
Consume me with caresses
So I never forget your touch
Suffocate me with all of you
Believe me I don't mind
Smother me with all your love
For it keeps my heart alive
  believe in unicorns by Animal75Artist  Totem Spirit Deer by Ellyevans679  Rainbow Oak by kayaksailor  Tea Party by Kajenna  Unique by sesam-is-open  SUN by Lust0fADeeperPain  ...Heavenly peace.. by floriaiglenoir  Odin - Easter 2016 - 0936 by creative1978  Abbigal roses martini glass 4 by creative1978  Autumn Monarch by Applemac12  Selene  by LindArtz  Serenity's AngelI am she, Serenity...
Thou knowest not my beauty.
But if ye sought the face of the Lord
surely, I would come to thee.
My wings are bound and chained
to fly, only, unto the sincere
whom have searched with the angels
of Patience, and Mercy, and Truth,
for the key to my seal.
I reside not, in the halls of vexation,
nor do I, neighbor with wrath.
I know only the ways, of love and justice
and all they of whom, such qualities hath.
I flyest through the beginings
unto the ends of the earth; my candle
an eternal flame.
Given to me  of the Lord
for affinity...
seek His face
and share my name.
  Cashmere By Onewiththestars-db2g2nz by Amarantheans  Tandem Collab Option 1   Amarantheans   Eyes Open by Amarantheans  Safe life wild... by floriaiglenoir  Death Approaches by SerenWild  On a cold morning  by wolfsbane6  Pencils and StarsSo I went
I went to the place of writing
Of dribs and drabs and
Pencils writing stars
And we could talk
Of stars and pencils
And how they have
Light in common.
But I went to this place
Her past has barred me from
The wild woman with
The fire
Burning down the bridges
Sowing the ground with salt
So all I find when
I try to make my way back
Are charred black edges
Rivers uncrossable and poisoned
And salty ground.
There is nothing living
That way anymore.
I think about
How I just say it
Pencils and stars
Writing light
And I think that
Coloring is the only solution.
  The Envelope   The envelope remembers
   where and how,
   the poem was written.

   Maybe not its beginning
   or even its ending,
   but certainly and always its meaning.
   And though
   my eroded memory fails,
                 … these days…
   White pale beacon, it stands
   a safe limestone shore between,
   the wavy seas and the middle-lands.
   Unlocking time and distance
   leading back to it, all of my vagabond sails,
   weaved mix of erratic words and ancient dreams.
   Images flash with an undeniable brilliance
   no longer a perishing sun in twilight rain,
   but my own soul, whole… again.

  White SparrowsWhite sparrows fly
through the stained glass cathedrals
of my shattered dreams
the sound echoes the walls
so cold and monastic whilst darkness falls
It rains
while a tapestry of delusions burn
and claims forever, the sun
leaving over the horizon
the ghost shadow of a unicorn
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
  Kamilla and the Harlequin.But some walk the sunlit way
in honeyed warmth to pluck the flower.
Yet, I know only winter's dark decay
that soft attends the final hour.
Kamilla lies alone in bed
listening to the rain
falling from mute heaven
to trickle down the drain.
Harlequin with his painted grin
walks each empty unlit street.
Blacker still the dark within
and the things he fears most to meet.
From somewhere in the distance
the sounds of joy and dance
reduced to one remaining laugh,
that lingers, dies. That one chance
of happiness, of meeting one's own soul.
Brief, missed, lost in circumstance.
Transient life, lived unwhole.
Then Harlequin attempts a song
but his voice remains unheard.
That bright light had seemed so wrong
and he steps to shadows without a word.
So, Kamilla cries alone in bed
her tears merging with the rain.
For her, life and love are dead
just blood trickling down the drain.
Yes, some live and smile the sunlit way,
honey warmth, to smell the sweet scent.
But others walk amidst the sweet decay
  Custard pudding by GeorgeXVII  About strawberry cake by Daykiney  Canapes - Scared ladybugs by PaSt1978  Look thy last on all things lovely by aldwarke  Saint P Day 2016 041 by Moppet-Smiles

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