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GhostOwl NocturneJewel
I am a prolific pagan poet and have over 1000 poems. I love rainy days and thunderstorms at night. My favorite season is Autumn, it is so full of color and beauty, inner reflection and subtle wisdom. I love the night, it is then I get most inspired and write the majority of my poetry. I have a close relationship with nature, especially reptiles. I have quite a large reptile family at home which includes nineteen geckos, seven snakes, and twelve tarantulas. They are my family. I get such a pure feeling of fulfillment from being with my reptile family.

Besides reptiles, my favorite animals are bats and owls. I also have several tattoos and piercings. My very first tattoo were vampire bite marks on my necks. I love them.

The beautiful :iconladyofgaerdon: has written a review of me as a writer. I am so honored! So this is what she has to say about my writing style:
~NocturneJewel is an intensely prolific poet, and in reading just a sampling of her work, you quickly come to realize that to be a prolific poet with work of such vision and depth is a great achievement indeed. Her style may be unusual, but it is all hers, and she is nothing but proud. Each line blends seamlessly into the next, and the fluid rhythm and potent imagery weave together into a tapestry of literary enchantment.

Current Residence: The Dark Side of the Moon
Favourite genre of music: Celtic, New Age, Nature, Goth
Favourite style of art: Nocturnal
Shell of choice: Home
Skin of choice: Reptilian
Personal Quote: Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken.
This weekend is the 111th Santa Claus Parade in Toronto, and I thought it would be a good time to do a showcase of my Christmas deviations and holiday deviations by other artists too.

New from me this year:
ROCKING HORSE REVERY by NocturneJewel A PRECIOUS CHRISTMAS by NocturneJewel ON THE PRESENT WAGON... by NocturneJewel  SANTA MOCHA AND BABY by NocturneJewel SANTA CRESCENT by NocturneJewel FESTIVE CRESCENT by NocturneJewel
...and more to come in the following weeks...

Previous years:
GECKO GREETINGS! by NocturneJewel CHRISTMAS IN GECKOVILLE by NocturneJewel SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS by NocturneJewel SANTA GECKO IS COMING! by NocturneJewel HAPPY SANTA GECKO DAY! by NocturneJewel DAISY THE DONUT-LOVING GECKO by NocturneJewel GINGERBREAD GINGER by NocturneJewel GINGER GLITTERS by NocturneJewel SANTA LUNA by NocturneJewel A CREEPY CHRISTMAS. by NocturneJewel SANTA MEETS THE KING by NocturneJewel SANTA ME AND THE GECKOS! by NocturneJewel SANTA'S LITTLE FRIENDS... by NocturneJewel SANTA AND THE GECKOS by NocturneJewel  TEQUILA'S CHRISTMAS by NocturneJewel A SLITHERY CHRISTMAS by NocturneJewel  A CREEPY CHRISTMAS by NocturneJewel  A WINTER'S EVESwathed in Moonlight and Mist I walk this
Winter's Eve, the silver snow crunches beneath
my feet, it's the only sound I hear, the only
sound that haunts the frosted air, the soft
blue tint from the lantern lights fall and
cast softer shadows below that dance with
the starry shine of this Night, they enrapture
my eyes with their silent splendor, they soothe
my soul with their harmonious twining, all
restless thoughts and sadness undefined are
consoled this Winter's Eve, snowflakes fall
on me like divine kisses, I feel their love
melt into me as I try to catch their snowy
intimates in my hand, no two are the same
just like the fashioning of souls, I love
their delicate Beauty for in it I can see a
reflection of me, delicate and pure, these
are the eyes I look at the world through, and
as I do I see Nature's spirit everywhere, in
the clear Silence and urban scenes, in the
cosmic energy that radiates from all life,
she is everywhere and so do I feel her this
Night, I breathe her with every
  WINTERHEARTBlue Moonlight shivers through the brokenhearted
trees, their bare limbs reach toward me as I
walk with the velvet cadence of this Winter's
Night, she consoles my once inconsolable heart,
I feel her kisses frost my lips, piecing together
the broken pieces of the fabric world that I
still wear, a scarf of Starlight soothes my
scars with the searchlight that blazes from
the warm white of Winter's eyes, I know deep
in this Winter that her hearth still glows
and my heart warmer grows, I feel the stillborn
shadows creep away when I confront my untraceable
pain, excavating my invisibility like snowflakes
that turn into a tapestry of frost on my window.
Under the false city light the icicles weep
for hopes aborted, wishes not supported, and
Summer's affair that left my heart in a riot
of tears, though others may be surprised to
learn that my strength is not as fragile as
the secrets that once sedated my seclusion,
even I'm still learning how much I really am
-a slow burning fire romancing the
  IN LOVE WITH WINTERAgainst my skin does Winter press her frozen lips,
I can taste the ambrosia from her soul she drips,
and the ruby skirmishes that bleed from berries askewed
on gnarled vines, tumble unhealed in many forgotten hues,
among the lacings of frost on the grass Winter smiles
a promise of renewal, from her the angels learn to beguile.
The Wind undresses my hurt for the healing to begin,
among the snowflakes I see my reflection gleaming within,
on my tongue I catch them, tasting of angel food cake
and champagne bubbling where they rest in snowy crates,
the soft slant of her light my spirit dares to climb,
seeking her token warmth, in Winter I finally shine.
Within my aura does Winter shiver and glow,
freezing the moss into a season of white bestowed
over the slumbering land, frosty fingers open and crush
chestnuts sputtering over a flame, the Sky is hushed
like the brilliance of roses drowned in sobbing grey,
but Winter keeps me home under a quilt of heavy plaid.
The clocks have struck their la
  FROZEN FLAMEInto my soul the snow has fallen,
a quietude of wintery warmth that comforts me
when nothing else can, a friend silent and
sincere-she draws me outside to walk with her,
crunching blue Moonlight beneath my feet as
I cast from me Father Time and his minions,
in this Night they don't exist, only the Silence
that ruffles through the halcyon plumes that
cushion my soul from hearing too many sounds,
again another frayed nerve ricochets off me
to echo in my tears, but they are too plenty
for me to catch just like the icicles that fall
from the shivering eaves when I pass by,
I feel hollow inside and I ache like I've
met an arctic collision, but I still know that
I'm blessed when my ink starts to flow, into
the seams of my soul I gather Winter's keepsakes...
I see resting in snowy caskets memories I once loved,
I remember how they tasted seeping from the pores
of my skin-chardonnay divine and others of bitter brine,
I remember the smell of wood smoke that spirls up
the chimneys in a lonely li
  THE SOUL OF A SNOWFLAKE...I unzip the seams of my soul and let out Winter,
her chilly chaos chastises tonight to give up her
solitude to the riot of white that reins outside
my frostbitten window, erasing Summer's fingerprints
and extinguishing Autumn's kindle, Winter looks
at me with the second sight of her arctic owl eyes,
and I know that there will come a time when the
moments of my remaining mortality will clink against
Eternity-Winter's lovechild-and I will come away
from the encounter one step closer to washing my
mistakes clean, until my soul beams ambrosia white...
Once I was lost, once I was unloved-even by myself,
but snowflakes shivered out of my pockets and endeared
me with the poetry they possessed, I caught a glimmer
of solstice glamour in their symmetry, I tried to
catch their warm white whispers on my tangerine tongue,
but their purity was too vivid I had to look away...
to the little lacy lovelies of Winter faeries melting
into my skin, sweet and wildly beckoning I felt them
shear my soul into

And deviations from other artists:
DAWN IS NEARThe light in my window means dawn is near
a blossoming sun will twinkle the snow
I can hear the tugboats beyond the pier
fresh coffee in hand, I’m ready to go.  
A blossoming sun will twinkle the snow
it is beautiful this time of season
this morning a northerly wind does blow
and changes with no warning or reason.
I can hear the tugboats beyond the pier
also morning song from the meadowlark
not too far away, I can see some deer
looking for food at the neighboring park.
Fresh coffee in hand, I’m ready to go
icicles melting like droplets of tears
don’t need an alarm clock because I know
the light in my window means dawn is near...
  WINTER'S BREATHThe dark surrounding winter’s breath
it cradles like a newborn babe
for protecting or to hide it
it has not been for man to say!
So many come to seek it out
the dark surrounding winter’s breath
it’s hidden well from prying eyes
I assure you there’s a reason.
What would you do to catch a glimpse?
Could satisfaction meet the price?
The dark surrounding winter’s breath
to see it, you must close your mind.
Should you do this, it will find you
for the world will have gone silent
and you will finally see it lift
the dark surrounding winter’s breath...
  *Winter Moods*Harsh winter rainfall
Delicate snowflakes flutter
Watery demise.
Cold hands in mittens
Jack frost's breath on window pane
Chilled vaporous night.
Warm room, curtain drawn
Protected from elements
Rosy cheeks aglow.
2014 Delice1941
2nd February2014
  *Winter Thoughts*Glacial ice finger
Tags lace on Christmas window
Cold, festive beauty.
White frosting, fir tree
Enchanting to contemplate
Winter air so pure.
Exquisite vista
Virgin snow's duvet on ground
Devoid of footsteps.
  Winter JewelsA million filaments
salt crystals on my skin
Summer sea ornaments
The Sun's gold returns
to the Moon's cradle
Still burns
Poets plumes come to drink
from the ambrosia fountain
Gods gift in blue ink
The velveteen dark sky is full of opals, again
it opens
Stars fall in their place, like rain
Autumn leaves with the last chirping wings
lukewarm nights and honey days
Soft southern winds
Every colour fades
when dawn awakes
Between mists and shades
Old paper petals unfold
Winter jewels inside me
All seems white and cold
except the amber you gave me
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
  Origami Bird  I will,
  write poems for
  the origami bird
  you offered me.
     No matter,
     if ink and paper,
     are all gone.
  I will,
  write them
  on the wall
  with my soul.
  (alternative end stanza)
  I will,
  write them
  on the wall… white as the snow
  falling from my soul.

© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
 Winter Scene by Lust0fADeeperPain The Christmas Kid by LindArtz Santa's Little Helpers by LindArtz While The Children Sleep by LindArtz Nellie Christmas to everyone! :P by inu-chan-free I'm ready to meet Christmas! by Panda-kiddie Hoppy Christmas. by Abboz Godzilla Christmas 5 by creative1978 It's Xmas Time in Geckoville 4 by creative1978 All I want 4 X-Mas Geckos 1 by creative1978 HOPPY HOLIDAYS by PaganFireSnake Happy Holidays from Cheetah by Fairygirl1031 Christmas Card 2012 by indimew Merry Christmas by Alannah-Hawker Holiday Helper by PaganFireSnake Seasonal Serpent by styx-leagon Santa Gaia by NadilynBeato Merry Christmas form Gaia by NadilynBeato Christmas Jumper :3 by TheFunnySpider Merry Christmas! by Phantomon2010 Merry Christmas by macrojunkie Leviathan and Santa 2011 by ManitouWolf Spek's First Christmas by Khimera Boudreaux meets Santa by Khimera

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