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GhostOwl NocturneJewel
I am a prolific pagan poet and have over 1000 poems. I love rainy days and thunderstorms at night. My favorite season is Autumn, it is so full of color and beauty, inner reflection and subtle wisdom. I love the night, it is then I get most inspired and write the majority of my poetry. I have a close relationship with nature, especially reptiles. I have quite a large reptile family at home which includes nineteen geckos, seven snakes, and twelve tarantulas. They are my family. I get such a pure feeling of fulfillment from being with my reptile family.

Besides reptiles, my favorite animals are bats and owls. I also have several tattoos and piercings. My very first tattoo were vampire bite marks on my neck. I love them.

The beautiful :iconladyofgaerdon: has written a review of me as a writer. I am so honored! So this is what she has to say about my writing style:
~NocturneJewel is an intensely prolific poet, and in reading just a sampling of her work, you quickly come to realize that to be a prolific poet with work of such vision and depth is a great achievement indeed. Her style may be unusual, but it is all hers, and she is nothing but proud. Each line blends seamlessly into the next, and the fluid rhythm and potent imagery weave together into a tapestry of literary enchantment.

Current Residence: The Dark Side of the Moon
Favourite genre of music: Celtic, New Age, Nature, Goth
Favourite style of art: Nocturnal
Shell of choice: Home
Skin of choice: Reptilian
Personal Quote: Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken.
Time for a Christmas show case now! New from me this year with more to come over the next month...
Santa and the Royals by NocturneJewel FESTIVE MEDUSA by NocturneJewel GLAMOUR GIRL by NocturneJewel PEEKING INSIDE THE STOCKING by NocturneJewel RED VELVET'S STOCKING by NocturneJewel HIBISCUS' CANDY LICK by NocturneJewel HIBISCUS' CANDY SMILE by NocturneJewel

Previous Years...
SANTA AND THE GECKOS! by NocturneJewel SANTA ME AND THE GECKOS! by NocturneJewel SANTA MEETS THE KING by NocturneJewel A CREEPY CHRISTMAS. by NocturneJewel SANTA'S REINDEER WANNABE by NocturneJewel CHRISTMAS 2014 by NocturneJewel UNWRAPPING CHRISTMAS MORNING! by NocturneJewel GECKO ELVES ON THE LOOSE! by NocturneJewel ROCKING HORSE REVERY by NocturneJewel SANTA BABY by NocturneJewel ON THE PRESENT WAGON... by NocturneJewel A PRECIOUS CHRISTMAS by NocturneJewel SANTA MOCHA AND BABY 2 by NocturneJewel SANTA MOCHA AND BABY by NocturneJewel SANTA CRESCENT by NocturneJewel FESTIVE CRESCENT 2 by NocturneJewel FESTIVE CRESCENT by NocturneJewel DAISY THE DONUT-LOVING GECKO by NocturneJewel SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS by NocturneJewel CHRISTMAS IN GECKOVILLE by NocturneJewel GECKO GREETINGS! by NocturneJewel SANTA GECKO IS COMING! by NocturneJewel HAPPY SANTA GECKO DAY! by NocturneJewel SANTA LUNA by NocturneJewel GINGER GLITTERS by NocturneJewel GINGERBREAD GINGER by NocturneJewel

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Chicken and Dumplings
1 1/4 cups Flour
3 tsp butter
1/4 tsp salt and pepper
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup milk
1 can cream of chicken(and one of water to dilute)
1 can chicken broth
4 chicken cutlets
(or if you prefer to do it the old fashoned way, cook a full chicken in your crock pot until done then debone the meat. It will require that your recipe above be doubled)
While heating the broth mixture to boiling, (in a large pot) cook separately 4 cutlets of chicken after cutting them into bite sized pieces. Once they are completely cooked add them to the Broth. Bring broth to a boil stirring often.
While waiting for the broth to boil.  Combine dumpling ingredients and kneed them together, to create the dough, then roll it out on a floured cutting mat(or
  A Walk in The WoodsA wind in the woods passes brief,
like an unpredictable invisible thief,
tangible... so very sweet.
A wing, black perhaps dark-blue stirs the air,
the hood over my hair,
falls off... slithers free.
Soft, slow, fresh, low - the four breezes swing,
swirl and sing,
in this butterfly balance… I dance.
I loose thoughts with each step, things,
gradually almost all thoughts, almost all things,
portraits of people, mirrors of the many in me… eventually memories of me.
Between pale pebbles, shells, dark and white sands,
inconsistent are my feet and hands,
where the evergreen… bends.
The sun is a kite, high on the sky, diamond radiant,
melts the last dew residues, warms the distant,
long shadow of me… my ghost companion.
Dances still, regardless of my tiredness, unsustainable and golden,
at the edge stands the dolmen,
other path… begins and ends.
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
  Silences and SoundsI have listened
your silences
each one
an alignment
of harp sounds
from and to which
I have built
an entire alphabet
of secret words,
a language made
for you to hear
the voice of my love
Original: * Silêncios e Sons *
todos os teus silêncios
cada um
um alinhamento
de sons de harpa
a partir de e para os quais
um alfabeto inteiro
de palavras secretas
uma linguagem feita
para que ouças
a voz do meu amor
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
© copyright de KAY MARCH - Todos os Direitos Reservados.
 I 'll always Love will I.... by floriaiglenoir  The Moon...The Moon
You are the one who is watching over my night
So, in my loneliness - I never feel alone...
You are the one who is comforting me with a tender light,
Wherever I might be - with You am “home”,
Almost like You would hold me tight...
Your shape of golden-silver sprinkling tone,
Sometimes half, sometimes completely bright -
With You, in my loneliness - I don’t feel alone...
My birthday gift to my sweet and one of my dearest friends, Kay :iconKay-March: Feliz aniversário !
I hope You like it ,Dearly, like You love so much the Moon...
Those thoughts floated out this morning,
Thinking ,what I could possibly offer You as a little bit special,(as You are special to me)-
so a little poem with a photography of a recent morning moon ,just in front my house,
I really hope it will bring You some joy and a smile,
My first "poem"ever, I put up here on DA...
Well,there must always be some "first times", inevitably...
  *Intangible* Waning crescent moon
Dusting of intangible stars
Heaven's canopy
Thoughts soar across firmament
Wonder captured very soul.
All souls have a star
Optimistic midnight search
Is our place assured?
We reach into the unknown
Governed by eternal hope.
  *Moonlight Moment*No interruption
Surrounded, soft silence
Perceptive, in tune.
Elusive words form
Transient moonlight poetry
Fleeting harmony.
2014 Delice1941
2nd June2014

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